For everyone who messages & dms me questions on ‘where do I start if I want to get my home clean, clutter-free & under control’ I think this is a good list to get started as each of these things makes a big impact on how clean your home looks and feels – six of these things are cleaning tasks that you really should do on a WEEKLY basis for a clean and tidy home and one is to keep your home in a regular habit of decluttering all that extra stuff that everyone seems to hang on to for one unknown reason or other – myself included (until this week when I got Ruthless)!!!
Thanks for stopping by my channel and hanging out with me for another video!

Shower Scrubber – SABCO from Bunnings – it’s awesome, White Magic and Oates have similar styles available on Amazon
I found the DAWN detergent in Australia at COSTCO but subscribers commented that FAIRY is made by the same company – it’s definitely a different formula – Dawn works brilliant but it is very thick and sudsy so use sparingly or prepare to rinse for ages!!!
Diggers Vanilla Methylated Spirits (Bunnings) to clean mirror and glass in this video (as well as Method to clean bathroom mirror) both work great!

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  1. Phew…keeping up with the old YT upload schedule while moving home is a barrel of fun 😎🙈😂 and I LOVE this type of video and always think they will be a quick option but they always end up taking hours and hours to edit together 🍾 anyway we are done, and I hope you enjoy this basic beginners list for things I think make a great impact on getting your home clean and clutter-free IF you do them on a weekly basis!!! Thumbs up if you liked this video and you are a legend…thumbs down if you're a total loser😅💩 **Check the description box for info on items used or links to them if available** I'm pretty flat out this week with all the moving fun so may not get to all the questions and comments as quickly as usual 🙌😎🙈

  2. I’ve recently found you on YouTube, and I’ve become addicted to watching you. You motivate me so much to clean my house.
    Honestly looks likes a bombs hit it, small work in progress. I’m an RN working Full time and have a 2 year old – it’s exhausting and so hard to have a routine while doing shift work. I also don’t have much support around so no one to watch her. cleaning whilst having a 2year old only wanting mum is extremely difficult, especially when she doesn’t want to be put down and screams the place down when she doesn’t have your attention (partly because of work schedule she doesn’t seem me often so when I’m home she want ALL MY ATTENTION!!)… want wait to finally live in a fresh, clean house like yours ❤️

  3. I agree about the shower screen, until today(I resigned yay!) I cleaned in private homes and the state of some peoples showers was unbelievable, I really don’t think that some of them ever wiped their screens down and the limescale left took ages to remove, and I cannot even begin to tell you about their plug holes and the scum there, it made me shudder and retch! Thank you so much for all your helpful hints and tips. I do so look forward to watching every one. Good luck with the move x

  4. Another lovely video. "GET REAL AND GET RID OF IT! Love that mantra! I've got my miscellaneous crap down to a couple of storage tubs lurking in a wardrobe, after being a garage-girl, where i never had room for my own friggin' car cos of all the junk. But, even tho hidden from sight, those damn tubs of stuff niggle away at me. As i can't be f'd to put on Marketplace (and most of it not worth anything), I prefer to donate…You continue to inspire. I sink into giant pits of depression where I can barely bloody function (apart from ADHD, and really must consider some happy pills, even tho I hate medicating); therefore I try to push thru as much as possible on the good days, in preparation for the down times…As such, a regular 'every Thursday' or similar I find very challenging to implement due to how mentally and physically (exhaustion is a symptom) a depressive attack is. Sometimes i go for months without one, but when hit me, holy cow!! Gonna add window cleaning to the list (for cleaner to do, LOL). Have NEVER been cleaned in the year I've lived here, and reckon having clear view to look out to will feel so dammed refreshing, plus contribute to a calm, content mind!) Must get one of those long-handled thingos cos I'm a shorty. Lots of love to you and your family. Belly-rubs for Freddy!

  5. Hi Aniess (hope I spelled that correctly), another inspiring video 🙌🏼 If you are doing a video on selling things on Marketplace, could you include how you sell clothing you no longer want please? Are there other platforms that are better for that? I just don’t want random people asking to try stuff on in my home, when the clothes might be on a rack downstairs in the garage. Thanks so much, all the best for the move! Xx

  6. My flat is clean and tidy. The only things I really hate doing is dishwashing. My kitchen is so small that no space for dishwasher. I love cooking and as result get so many dirty dishes and pots every day. Any tips how to be motivated please. Really hate the washing up 🙁 Please HELP !

  7. I often think about selling things I no longer need but never do because of the hassle, so I either hang onto stuff I’d rather get rid of or I just give it away. Watching you clean through your house like a whirlwind is very motivational, it’s 7:30 am here in the UK and I’m raring to go now! I just wish I had your energy to go with my enthusiasm ☺️💛

  8. I should aim to clean my windows weekly but those are so easy to forget. I do have a leather sofa that I give a good wipe down and vacuum every week though. I use to have a fabric couch and I hated cleaning it. And yes, my garage is the Bain of my existence lol. I gotta get real and get rid of it(stuff) lol!

  9. Long time follower and fan here wanting some advice please.

    I've just had my wooden floors sanded and polished…….holy hell, had no idea there'd be so much dust all over the house.

    Any tips? XX

  10. I bought that Bunnings shower scrubber after watching one of your previous videos. Scrubber and expandable handle is a WIN WIN. An absolute game changer for my shower cleaning routine. Thankyou for idea.😁🌷

  11. Another fab video! Just love your can do attitude and you’re so right in what you say about weekly chores and keeping on top of them. I confess to not doing that recently and I’m now at the stage ‘where the hell do I begin?’. I’m just going through a bit of a bad phase just now but I know I will get on top of it again. Watching your videos are really inspiring, and you are so funny too, plus I love your pooch, but please don’t tell my cat! Warm wishes from Scotland, have a great week! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤗💕

  12. I have made up my own list for cleaning each week which includes my daily routine just from your videos 🥰. Your helpful lists are laminated & put on the fridge which helps my partner too. So thank you! 🥰😘Brisbane 🇦🇺💜

  13. This was so good! thanks so much for the tips 🙂 my favourites were cleaning the shower with the long handled scrubber and decluttering 21 things on the 21st of the month! Hope your move went well and I can't wait to see your new apartment tour!

  14. My fresh sheets day is Saturday. I love that fresh sheet feeling. You made me actually LOL when you said, "Thumbs down if you're a total loser!" 😂 There were 11 Total Losers at the time of my writing this. Internet trolls living in filth that are just jealous, most likely.

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